Retire food calmly
Retire food calmly

The atmosphere was oppressive, deadly. There seemed no

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"On a comedy lot," she said, again becoming the oracle, "you can do murder if you wipe up the blood. Remember that."

The atmosphere was oppressive, deadly. There seemed no

He did not again refer to the beautiful young women who came from fine old Southern homes. The Montague girl was too emphatic about them.

The atmosphere was oppressive, deadly. There seemed no

At other times during the long waits, perhaps while they ate lunch brought from the cafeteria, she would tell him of herself. His old troubling visions of his wonder-woman, of Beulah Baxter the daring, had well-nigh faded, but now and then they would recur as if from long habit, and he would question the girl about her life as a double.

The atmosphere was oppressive, deadly. There seemed no

"Yeah, I could see that Baxter business was a blow to you, Kid. You'd kind of worshiped her, hadn't you?"

"Well, I--yes, in a sort of way--"

"Of course you did; it was very nice of you--" She reached over to pat his hand. "Mother understands just how you felt, watching the films back there in Gooseberry "--He had quit trying to correct her as to Gashwiler and Simsbury. She had hit upon Gooseberry as a working composite of both names, and he had wearily come to accept it--"and I know just how you felt"--Again she patted his hand--"that night when you found me doing her stuff."

"Sure it would! But you ought to have known that all these people use doubles when they can--men and women both. It not only saves 'em work, but even where they could do the stuff if they had to--and that ain't so often--it saves 'em broken bones, and holding up a big production two or three months. Fine business that would be. So when you see a woman, or a man either, doing something that someone else could do, you can bet someone else is doing it. What would you expect? Would you expect a high-priced star to go out and break his leg?

"And at that, most of the doubles are men, even for the women stars, like Kitty Carson always carries one who used to be a circus acrobat. She couldn't hardly do one of the things you see her doing, but when old Dan gets on her blonde transformation and a few of her clothes, he's her to the life in a long shot, or even in mediums, if he keeps his map covered.

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